Related imageGolf is a sport that continues to rise in prominence across the world including in Canada. Golf is a sport that’s played using a club and a golf ball. When playing golf, the player uses the club to hit the ball. The winning ball is always the one that gets in the hole in the less swings. We cover all the recent news in golf to highlight the players that represent events in the sports news.

In most golfing tournaments especially at the highest level, players have to strike and place the ball in 18 holes. These 18 holes will be sparsely placed. However, some golfing tournaments especially those that feature amateurs may consist of 9 holes. Whether playing the 18 hole or the 9 hole game, the rules are all the same.

Across most tournaments and in most countries, golf is played on varied terrains. These terrains may include hazards (water, rocks), bunkers (or “sand traps”), rough (long grass) and fairway (short grass).

In general, there are two types of golf, match play and stroke play. Match play refers to the game in which the players that win have the lowest scores after completing all rounds. This type of golf, however, is rarely played at the elite level. The second type which is the stroke play will see players that have the lowest number of strokes after completing all rounds win. This is the most played type of golf at the elite level.

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