10 Fun Facts About Golf!

Image result for 10 Fun FactsGolf is a sport that we are all familiar with, whether from hearing about it in passing all the way to becoming experts on the green. It is a sport that is relatively universal, with some countries being known for their golf more than others. For up to date information on the sport, you can always check out local news sources like CBC or dedicated sports sites like TSN or ESPN.

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about golf, here are some fun facts that may very well surprise and intrigue you:

  • There are over 120 THOUSAND balls hit into the water at one specific hole at Sawgrass golf course every year. Imagine that multiplied by every hole and every course!
  • A caddy, as you well know, carries your bag and equipment for you and is derived from the French word “Cadet” which translates to “youngest child”
  • Golfer Doug Ford predicted his own win and even his own score prior to his 1957 big win.
  • Hot days are the best for golf, the less dense air carries balls further.
  • Back in the day, a golf ball was made from leather and goose feathers and would set you back anywhere between $10 and $20.
  • If you have a handicap below 18, you are one of the lucky ones and you even have your own title; “Bogey Golfer”
  • A student in the United States once knocked in two hole in ones in one nine round game.
  • Golf is one of two sports that has been played on the moon, making it a sport that truly is out of this world!
  • Sand piles were once the equivalent to a tee.
  • If and when you choose to walk the course and you skip the cart, at the end of your 18 holes, you would have walked over four miles.