We have discussed the top three golfers of all time, but the list doesn’t stop there. There are so many notable golfers worth discussing and acknowledging, many of which have shaped the sport as we know it or love it today. Let’s look at some of the all time greatest players who, though they did not make the top 3, deserve an honourable mention and, at the very least, a serious tip of the hat.

  • Image result for Walter HagenWalter Hagen: Besides having one of the coolest and most memorable names in golf, Hagen also has 11 Majors and 45 PGA Tour victories. He trails the successes of both Nicklaus and Woods. One thing that is extremely notable and interesting is that he is the first native-American to win the Open Championship and did so back in 1922. If Hagen had a time machine, he would have many more titles but unfortunately by the time the Masters came to fruition, he was past his prime.
  • Sam Snead: With 7 majors and a massive 82 PGA Tour victories. He was the oldest player to ever make the cut at a major tournament, being 67 years old at the 1979 PGA Championships. He also has made the top 10 in at least one tournament in five different decades, which is more than any other player can say.
  • Ben Hogan: Ben was fondly known as The Hawk as his balls flew gracefully thanks to his impressive ball strikes. Hogan’s skills are not necessarily reflected in his titles, even though he has 64 PGA Tour victories, as he did not actually enter many tournaments but of the 6 he did, he won 5 of them.

These players are all from different eras but left an impressive legacy that modern day golfers must follow and honour as they create their own identities.