Canada’s Yellowknife Golf Course

Golf is one of the worlds’ most prestigious tournaments. Due to its ‘wealthy’ appearance, golf has over the years attracted some of the worlds’ wealthiest people as its participants and it has also been held at some of the best sports facilities around the world. One such facility is the Yellowknife Golf course in Canada. This golf course is deemed one of the best, not just in Canada where it’s located but also around the world. As other sporting facilities, Yellow Knife Golf course has its own history and tales of rising to stardom.

Image result for Yellowknife Golf Course HistoryYellowknife Golf Course History

The Yellowknife Golf course has been in existence for quite some time now. However, the golf course came to be known in Canada and around the world as one of the best in the early 1960s. It is at this time that the course hosted amateur golf tournaments. The major amateur golf tournament hosted by the Yellowknife Golf course was held in the same year that the city of Yellowknife hosted its 75th anniversary. A number of top golfing talents attended the event including Hall of Famers Rick Young, the late Keith Alexander, Cathy Sherk, Bob Panasik, Gary Cowan and Doug Roxburgh.

Canadian North Midnight Classic

Yellowknife Golf Course since its early year in the 1960s has managed to stand the test of time and has become one of the best-golfing facilities in Canada. Nowadays, the course hosts an annual Canadian Midnight tournament. This tournament attracts both pros and golf amateurs seeking to make their names in the industry. The tournament over the years have risen in prominence and this year, 288 golfers will be gracing the Canadian North Midnight Classic. Canadian North Airlines has been the sponsor of the Canadian North Midnight Classic for the past few years and the company will be sponsoring the tournament once again this year. Participants in this year’s Canadian North Midnight Classic will come from as far as New Zealand.