Casino as Golf Tournament Sponsors

Image result for Casino as Golf Tournament SponsorsGolf has been around since as far back as 1851 and as such has gained an enormous following over the years, making it an easy decision for companies to use golf events for exposure and to give back. The big name sponsors that come to mind include banks, alcohol companies (including breweries and distilleries), large corporations as well as large retailers who often supply things such as food. One industry that is starting to see and reap the benefits of golf tournament sponsorship is the casino and gaming industry. Casinos have started popping up at tournaments all over the world as prominent or lead sponsors. Perhaps it is the giving back that appeals to casinos, or the exposure for their business, or some combination of both.

Some examples of these types of sponsorships include:

  • Edgewater Casino in Vancouver sponsored the Embers Golf tournament as they provided games for golfers to play and prizes for the games as well
  • Firekeepers Casino Hotel hosts tournament
  • CasinoRama hosts an annual tournament as well

In addition to appearing at other people’s tournaments, many Casino Resorts blend the sport of golfing with the art of gambling as they offer an entire 18 hole golf course as well as a full casino for people’s enjoyment. The combination of these two hobbies makes these resorts a top destination for people looking to book events for their organizations, charities, corporate retreats, etc. Naturally, when tournaments are hosted at these resorts, you will often see the associated casino’s name on the list of sponsors or donors in some capacity. The level of involvement or sponsorship varies from a prize donation to the lead sponsor of the entire tournament.

Online casinos, such as and other live casino are also gaining some exposure by sponsoring sporting events such as golf tournaments as well.