Image result for Corporate Charity Golf TournamentsGolf is a huge sport across Canada. One major draw of golf and golf tournaments is the opportunity to raise both money and awareness for causes that matter to people, communities and groups. Golf tournaments are a great way to raise funds from the actual green fees to draws, raffles, contests on the course, as well as other activities.

The ability to raise funds evidently is a direct result of lowered or eliminated costs for the organizations, groups, individuals or companies organizing the events. The less the tournament costs, the more money is raised for the cause or group in question. In order to lower these costs and to raise the maximum amount of funds, many tournaments seek sponsorship from companies or community organizations. Large companies are known to sponsor these tournaments in various forms. These sponsorship opportunities are dually beneficial as they help raise the most money possible for great, important causes as well as provide companies the opportunity to give back and engage in corporate social responsibility which is great for the bottom line and for the culture of the company.

One major group that are known for the sponsorship of golf tournaments are banks. Scotiabank, for example,sponsors various tournaments in communities across the country. Scotiabank, on top of sponsorship, also actually hosts various annual golf tournaments The tournament has been in existence for over 22 years, benefiting various charities, depending on the year. The funds raised have gone to organizations that vary from charities working to improve healthcare in the Cayman Islands to organizations that work on research for cures and prevention of Alzheimer’s. The company is known for its charitable presence with diverse funding and interests.

Scotiabank allows other organizations to provide sponsorship and gain exposure at their annual charity golf tournaments at various sponsorship levels.