Garrett Rank Gets Sponsor Exemption Into Windsor Championship Golf Tournament

Image result for Garrett RankGarrett Rank has joined a list with some illustrious names that were in the past exempted into the Windsor Golf Tournament. The news that Garrett Rank was to be exempted into the Windsor Championship Golf Tournament was announced both by the player and on the official tournament website. Considering this development, Garrett Rank will not use any of his money to fund himself into the Windsor Championship Golf Tournament.

More on Garett Rank

Garrett Rank is known both in the golfing circles as well as in the National Hockey League fraternity. In golf, Garett has been a participant at major golfing tournaments in Canada. He has also participated in other golfing tournaments in the United States, in fact, his recent appearance in a major golf tournament came in the U.S Open Golf Championship. While he has not exactly reached the dizzy heights, Garett in the past managed to make the Canada national team and won the Canadian Mid-Amateur Championship on three occasions. 30-year-old Garett who hails from Elmira, Ontario started his golfing career back in college. He was part of the University of Waterloo golf team.

Garrett’s sporting interests are not only restricted to golf but also transcend to hockey. During his college days, Garrett was also a member of the University of Waterloo hockey team. However, he was not a player but practised as the match officiator when different college teams played against each other. His passion for officiating paid dividends when he was asked to become part of the National Hockey League officiating team upon his completion of college. To date, Garett is still an NHL official.

Other Players Who Have Been Exempted

Garrett joins other great golfers who have in the past been exempted into the Windsor Championship Golf Tournament. These include Americans Christian DeMarco, Kyle Mueller, and fellow Canadians Matt Hill, David Byrne and Thomas DeMarco.