Similarly to other sports, skills and activities, golf requires a significant amount of practice in order to become proficient. Golf is arguably one of the most frustrating sports because being good at it isn’t as simple as just learning to kick, swing or follow a pattern or routine motion, other factors are at play as well. From wind, to angles, to distance, there are countless factors, both controllable and uncontrollable, that can and do impact one’s golf game. Regardless, it is important to practice and to control the elements such as your swing, your body positioning and your posture. There are a few ways to practice and to perfect your own game:

Image result for The Driving RangeThe Driving Range

Many golf courses offer a driving range, allowing you the opportunity to practice your distance hitting. Many people use these driving ranges as a place to, well-drive, using their driver, the club that is notorious for its distance and power. Many people overlook or disregard the driving range as an opportunity to get acquainted with their other clubs as well. Beginner or novice players should consider going to the driving range and getting a feel for all of the clubs in their bag, learn what feels good, what works and get to know your clubs so it comes more naturally on the actual course.

Putting Green

The putting green is another feature that is offered by many courses whereby players are able to practice their putting and even their chipping, two skills that may be some of the hardest to master for most players. The putting green allows players to gain an understanding of how hard or soft they have to hold, swing and hit from different distances and angles around the hole. It also helps players learn the art of lining up their putt.