Golf Simulators; A Great Alternative

If it’s raining, snowing or you simply aren’t able to hit the greens, a golf simulator is a great alternative to the real thing. The simulator allows you to play golf using a graphical or photographical system that mirrors the experience of an actual driving range or golf course but inside. There are many different facilities that offer golf simulation to individuals that range from facilities for Image result for second hand on Kijijiathletes to bars that offer the simulation as a fun pastime. If you are serious about practicing or looking to up your home entertainment system, you can purchase a golf simulator. They can be purchased for as little as $200 if you are happy to play on a computer or video game console but can cost you thousands of dollars for a more elaborate and real experience. If you are looking to save a few dollars, you can always buy the systems second hand on Kijiji or other secondhand sites.

Some of the technology and equipment you will find or use when trying a golf simulator include:

  • Simulator Mat: This piece of equipment contains several sensors that help monitor your positioning, the club speed, the angle of the club and the ball speed to help generate a result that reflects the swing that you took (i.e. the ball lands as far and as centered as it would be if you were really on the course).
  • Sonic Sound System is another method that is used to measure different elements of your game and helps the system understand your swing and distance based on the sounds your club, body and the ball makes.
  • Radar systems also help track player movement as well as trajectory, angle and so on that help gather data to analyze and create an accurate representation of your swing and your shot.