Golf Tournament Sponsorship: An Unlikely Opportunity for Casinos

Image result for Casino La VidaIf you’ve ever played in a charity or local golf tournament, whether with friends or with work, you’ve likely noticed that these tournaments are often sponsored by a number of organizations and companies of varying sizes. These sponsors may vary from banks such as RBC to Tech companies and you may have wondered what the correlation, if any, between the sponsor and the sport. In reality, there may not necessarily be a link between the tournament and the sponsor beyond the mutual benefit of the sponsorship itself.

Casinos and casino owners may not consider or give much thought to sponsoring a golf tournament given that, at first glance, it is hard to see the relationship between the sport or the cause and the gambling or casino industry. Casinos are, however, starting to notice and understand the benefit of these sponsorships for their business and for their conscious. Some of these benefits for casinos include:

  • Networking; these tournaments offer an opportunity to meet potential clients and customers, especially for online casinos that may not otherwise have face to face opportunity with their customers as well as potential other key stakeholders.
  • Employee engagement; allowing employees to go to tournaments as advocates and ambassadors of your casino and your brand you are engaging employees and motivating them while also creating word of mouth knowledge and information sharing.
  • Exposure is one of the more obvious benefits as well. Beyond networking and chatting with golfers, your logo, website and brand will be all over the promotional material that is distributed at the tournament. Sometimes high profile tournaments even have media coverage.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility; charity tournaments are a great way for casinos like Casino La Vida to give back to the community locally or at large and offer casinos a chance to do good and to create a reputation beyond being just a hub for gambling and spending money.