The Golf Slot Machine

Image result for The Golf Slot MachineThe Golf Slot machine is a simple tool that was designed and is offered to help players improve their draw and their swing. The design is simple but the outcome is said to be significant. The Golf Slot Machine is two pieces of cardboard type material that be configured in different ways depending on what you are trying to accomplish. For example, a backwards L helps with training whereas a straight line configuration helps with ball position and alignment. The Golf Slot Machine comes with instructions on everything from foot placement to ball placement to grip.

Given the simplicity of the design, the Golf Slot Machine takes no real time to set up and is quite straightforward to use for players of any skill level.

Customer reviews indicate the Golf Slot Machine is effective if you are willing to dedicate the time to using it and sticking with the practice it offers. Like any other resource or aid, consistency is the key.

When disassembled, the Golf Slot Machine is small enough to fit right in your gym bag, golf bag or car making it portable and harder to destroy. The alignment feature is a bonus as well.

Priced anywhere between 60 to 90 dollars, the price has been somewhat criticized for what it actually is and what it actually offers in terms of use. Some people find it expensive for two pieces of cardboard, others find it well worth the investment. For those looking for a deal, try winning a few bocks on the JackpotCity App or, alternatively,there are many available on [kijiji: ] secondhand and gently used/ loved.

The Golf Slot machine is not the only aid for your golf game, make sure to learn about your options and browse different aids to make sure you get the equipment that is best for you and your golf game.