The Simplest Golf Aids

Image result for The Simplest Golf AidsEver since the first day a golf club was swung and a golf ball was hit, people looked for ways to improve their game. Devices to make your game better and improve the mechanics of your game exist in every shape and form. Training aids, technology and equipment are all around us claiming to give us that extra help we need to really nail our drive or chip just right. Let’s take a look at some of the best devices and training aids that have been deemed effective by users and players:

  • Impact Snap; this might be one of the most simple aids that money can buy, so simple in fact, that you don’t even need instructions to use it. It is recommended for beginners or students learning the sport and it basically provides you feedback audibly on your release.
  • Orange Whip Wedge is a tool that helps you get the range and scope of motion down. It uses a flexible shaft and heavy head to help get you more comfortable with your range of motion.
  • PuttOut Golf Trainer is a putting tool that is a ramp that sits above the green essentially returning any ball that would have gone past the hole. It is great for those who practice putting on their carpet or alternative places. There is a hole in the ramp that rewards a perfect putt with the sounds we all love- a ball hitting the bottom of the hole.

These are three of the most simple golf aids on the market which goes to show that it doesn’t take millions of dollars or the most advanced technology to help you work on your game- it simply takes dedication, persistence and some guidance from simple tools. The price tag on these aids will make your wallet happy as well, with the most expensive being only 90 dollars, or even cheaper if you’re a fan of Kijiji.

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