• Mike Weir

Mike Weir has recently taken a short leave from the game, but when he was good, he was great! He is unarguably the greatest Canadian golfer of all time holding eight career PGA Tour Championships, 15 wins total, and the title as the only Canadian to ever win a major championship following his 2003 Masters win.

  • George Knudson

Knudson died young as a result of an unfortunate battle with lung cancer. His career started in the early 1960’s and he then proceeded to win the PGA Tour 8 times in one decade and made it to the prestigious top 10 at the Masters 3 times in his career. He has a total of 27 titles, 5 of which are Canadian.

  • Stan Leonard

Stan was born and raised in Vancouver and enjoyed a lengthy golf career throughout the 50’s and 60’s making his wins even more notable given the reliance on his own intuition and game vs. equipment and advanced technology. His prestigious Western Open win combined with his 36 CPGA tour and 3 PGA tour wine are some of the drivers for him making the top 3 Canadian players of all time.

  • Image result for moe norman golfMoe Norman

One of the most spirited players of all time as well as one of the best Canadians of all time. If success and skill were simply measured by ball strikes, Moe would take the cake.

Moe was best known for his handmade, customized swing that was a product of hours and hours of practice and trial and error. Part of the reason Moe isn’t higher on the list was as simple as a lack of support beyond the border which is unfortunate.

Overall, Canada, as we have discussed, has a lot to be proud of in terms of the players it has contributed to the world of golf.